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Cashmere needs a little TLC from time to time, however if you look after your cashmere, it will love you back, for a very long time.

Follow these easy tips below to keep your Duck Soup cashmere sweater in tip-top shape.


We recommend dry cleaning your cashmere however if you prefer you can hand wash your cashmere, just do so delicately.

Never hold your cashmere up from one corner, this could stretch it when it dries.

Always wash your cashmere in cool water, hot water shrinks cashmere and you can safely say that would be the end of your beloved jumper.

We recommend you wash your cashmere delicately with cashmere shampoo or a light delicate wool soap. Press the soapy water through the cashmere.

Don’t twist, rub or wring this could change the shape of your cashmere.

Drain and rinse your cashmere in the same temperature water you used to clean it in, change in temp could cause a change in shape.

To dry the cashmere, lay it out flat, or on a drying rack. If you lay the cashmere all wonky and tangled, it will dry all wonky and tangled – remember that!

Air dry, and then you’re done!


If you’re going to hide your cashmere away for a while you should make sure it is clean. Don’t store your cashmere in plastic, we suggest using a sweater bag, just to keep out the moths as they love cashmere just as much as we do.


Try not to wear your cashmere immediately after putting on deodorant; we don’t want the fragrance to set into the cashmere because it could to be a bit difficult for you to get out in the long run! When you’re wearing your cashmere try not to snag it on items with jagged edges, such as zips or jewellery. Its easily done!