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So I went away a couple of weeks back to the Canaries for a quick re-fresh and it did wonders. However, I was so glad that I took my cashmere travel throw with me! One thing that bugs me more than anything these days is the crippling air conditioning on planes, everyone seems to have theirs on full blast, apart from me!

This time however, I was prepared. I had a lux luggage life-saver that fitted easily into my hand luggage and well, it pretty much stayed attached to my skin for most of my holiday.

The holiday overall was wonderful and very much appreciated. What I did find interesting is how your best ideas come to you whilst you’re away! Every now and then I had to grab some paper and jot down – funny looks in the restaurant doing this I can tell however it was all so refreshing and completely inspiring. Anyway thought I’d share a few snaps from my break, back to work!

Oh and the cashmere travel throw will be available again in black, grey and cream to purchase online in a week. The evenings have a little chill to them so this light and lux wrap was perfect to throw over my shoulders.

Hannah @ Duck Soup Cashmere

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